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Over 1,000,000 downloads

Jaangle is a free music player that organizes your music collection and displays it in an easy to browse user interface.
It livens up your music experience with album covers, artist images and lyrics downloaded from the internet.


Play from your entire collection

While most music players only access one folder, Jaangle can play from your entire music collection, turning your music library into your own radio!

Visualize your music collection

Jaangle makes it easy to browse through your music collection, and find what you need easily, by artist, album, by music genre or even by lyrics!

Get all the music information

Jaangle searches the internet for images, album covers, artist info and lyrics, downloads and displays the information seamlessly as the music plays. 

Plays all music file formats (mp3, ogg, wma, avi etc.)
Plays from entire music collection, not just one folder
Quality audio – video player
Integrated tag editor
Download + display of useful information: artist bio, images, lyrics, comments
Easy to browse interface
Search by artist, song, album, tags or lyrics
Connect to other users
Music games
Open source
Free software
Lightweight and fast, needs almost no CPU and memory
Customizable user interface
Several language options