What’s new


– Google lyrics downloader fix


– LastFM Image downloader fix


(Incomplete log)
– Win7 folders friendly
– Amazon service correction


– TrackList: Limitless quick search results when the search is >= 3 characters
– TrayToolTip: Clicking on the TrayToolTip now restores the main window
– TrayToolTip: Close button added
– TrayToolTip: GUI Changes
– QuickSearchDialog: DblClick now plays files
– QuickSearchDialog: Gui changes


– System: Better random generator (Specially for larger collections)
– TrackList Pane: Column order/showing/width fix
– TrackList Pane: Sorted by Collection name fixed
– TrackList Pane: Added columns for Composer & Album Artist fields
– InfoPane: Settings saving fixed
– Tagging: Added support for Composer & Album Artist
– Bass Player: Added formal .wv support
– AdvancedSearch Dialog: Bug fix on exiting application
– TrayIcon now has a name (for win tray customizing)
– Media Player: Default Player Action Added (You can find it Options-MediaPlayer). This will be the default option when you dblclick on a track on “Track List” and on “Music Browser”


– Track List Pane: Quick Search on Track List Changes: Max results limit set to 100 (it was unlimited) and there are no minimum characters (it was 3)
– QuickSearch: Max result set to 30 (it was 10)
– TrayToolTip: Position / volume slider added
– MiniPlayer: OnTop fix
– MiniPlayer: 1000 ms delay on mouse out shrinking
– System: Replace the 3 Text Size buttons with one with sub menu +3 + 2 + 1 0 -1 etc….
– Music Browser: Sorting tracks before execution.
– TrayToolTip: “Jaangle” text position fault


– Player: Bugfix on Mute for video files
– TrayToolTip: Remove the ontop property
– TrayToolTip: Removed “Jaangle” Tooltip
– TrayToolTip: Close button removed
– TrayToolTip: Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev buttons added
– TrayToolTip: GUI changes
– MiniPlayer: Non printable characters sould not show QuickSearch
– Amazon Plugin: Review – TrackList retrieval fixed
– TrackListPane: Quick search resets when there are less than 3 letters in search box
– Bass Media Engine: Fixed a crash bug on certain mp3s
– Syatem: ShowMiniPlayer function re-added in the system menu
– Hotkeys: Show Quick Search / Show Tray Tooltip added
– MiniPlayer: ESC on MiniPlayer shows an artifact on QuickSearch


+ TrayTooltip: Added
+ TrayTooltip: Option to show on media changed (default = enabled)
+ HotKeys: Show TrayTooltip on hotkey
+ MiniPlayer: Settings has been added in the Context Menu
+ MiniPlayer: Volume slider Added
– Tagging. Enabled wma – mp4 read support and mp4 write support
– Tagging: FileTitle is used when artist exists and there is no track name info
– Options: MediaPlayer Options bug fix
– MiniPlayer: Option to disable transparency when the cursor is over the window
– System: Show What I am listening is now working
– PlayerWnd: Mute button added
– Slider: Tick drawing to indicate minutes
– TrayToolTip: Display artist picture if album cover is not available.
– QuickSearchDialog: Showing Album pictures if available and then artist pictures
– QuickSearchDialog: Setfocus on startup fixed
– Skins: SubBk Skin Options for TreeCtrl (in colors.ini) are re-enabled
– Advanced Search: BugFix The list in advanced search was empty
– Player: Upgraded to Bass 2.4.4


+ System: QuickSearchDialog Added
+ Searching: Simple quick search replaced be Google-like search.
Example: if you want to search the song “Nirvana” – “School”, you can find it by typing just ‘Nir Sch’.
+ System: CTRL+F initiates QuickSearch
+ MiniPlayer: Locate Album / Play Album / Open Containing Folder added in context menu
+ MiniPlayer: QuickSearch / Menu / Restore buttons added
+ MiniPlayer: Position Slider (Auto show on mouse over)
– System: Tray menu fix
– Tagging: TagLib 1.6 Update
– QuickSearchDialog: ENTER -> Play, SHIFT + ENTER -> Enqueue, CTRL + ENTER -> Insert After
– Miniplayer: Blank time when no time information
– MiniPlayer: left/right arrow for +/- 5 sec. up/down for prev/next track
– MiniPlayer: ForceOnTop Option bug fix
– MiniPlayer: Press any character on miniplayer to Initiate QuickSearch.
– Player: Fixed enqueue bug
– System: [BACK] has been replaced by [SHIFT + ENTER] for enqueue. [CTRL + ENTER] is used for insert after operation
– System: Drop down Buttons are drown correctly now
– PlayList Pane: Bugfix on drop files
– QuickSearch: Artist pictures / Ratings added in display
– QuickSearch: Results are sorted by Rating and then by Title
– MiniPlayer: PlayAlbum is sorted by TrackNo / Location
– QuickSearchDialog: BugFix in showing pictures (in certain case they weren’t shown)
– TrackList Pane: Sorting rememberance fixed
– Advanced Search: Now remembers the track list state


+ Services: New format – better for sharing / updating (Not 100% compatible with the 0.96 version)
+ PlayList Pane: RandomizeNext Added
+ System: Add Pane & New Maximized Pane function added
+ PlayList Pane: Randomize Next Tracks in PlayList Contexct menu Command
+ Video Pane: Independent VideoPane Added
+ Web Services: http://www.discogs.com/ added
+ Web Services: http://lyrics.wikia.com/ added
+ Web Services: http://SongMeanings.com/ added
+ Web Pane added
+ Web Pane: Now you can open all services to the integrated WebBrowser
+ Web Pane: Lock on services (For example: if the user select an artist .. a selected service must be initiated)
* Information Retrieval: Fixed the amazon service (signed requests)
* Tagging: Fixed a multi language (unicode) problem on the lyrics tagging.
* Services: Each service can now have an icon
* System: Changed the hashing of artist/album names which are saved in the “Storage” Folder (There was a Unicode confict in Japanese). (Not compatible with the 0.96 version)
* System: Thumbnail Image Cache added. This will help the application to start faster, use less the disk and draw the GUI elements a lot quicker
* System: Each pane can be added multiple times.
* PlayList Pane: Bugfix. Rating in now working for multi selections
* Visualaztions Pane: BugFix (maybe crash?) On Starting / stopping.
* Visualization Pane: Video is now played in a separate Pane
* Video Pane: Auto UnFullScreen when the video is over
* Info Pane: Automatically Show Video Option
* Options: “New” Definition moved to main options dialog
* Options: Removed Obsolete Dialogs.
* Skin Options: Now loading a lot faster
* PlayList Pane: Better handling of the current selections
* Web Services: Separator added in every 5 webservices menu items
* Sections Pane: Set Focus on left click on expand
* Playlist Pane: It Can accept folders drop (recursively)
* Web Pane: Fix. When restoring the main window.. Web viewer could disappear
* Web Pane: Fix. Previous / Next buttons were constantly disabled
* DblClick on Pane Caption Maximizes (Restores) the Pane
* Game: Changed to full screen
* Options: Option “FORCE Window ONTOP” in MiniPlayer Options
* Game: Return of: “I don’t know”
* Panes: Default window layout button added in ‘Add Pane’

0.96b Changes

* CTRL+A,C,X,Z enabled for info controls / lyrics / bio etc
* Stealth usage. Not using anymore “windows\Jaangle.ini” or the registry
* Application statistics recovery fix
* Application statistics in about dialog
* Return of the (no button) Mouse-wheel volume function in MiniPlayer.


+ Skin Framework update. More options
+ Different Full Screen on Maximize
+ GUI: Toolbar has been re-added
+ Toolbar: Add the Close/Restore/Min buttons and show them on Maximize
+ Toolbar: Increase/Decrease/Reset font size buttons
+ Pane Captions: Switch pane containers / Alternate layout introduced
+ m3us are supported for association with the application
+ Basic Skin Editor. Changes in skin options.
+ Search operation in play list context menu
+ Tagging. Options For Selective Tag Support (List box with mp3/wma/m4a … Read support .. and the same for write support)
+ Option added for safe mode of player. Use it with the Realtek driver when there is bad sound quality.
* Dblclicking on a tree item now expands the item if it is expandable. Otherwise it is added to the playlist.
* Fix in the Advanced search window, Track List, Play List, Tree View onOver behaviour
* Player Bar has been refreshed
* Track list control default display changes (Title is first and controls may be removed)
* DblClicking on the info control opens the current picture.
* Change colors in Advanced Search / History List boxes -> White/grey
* PlayList – Options: Show the number of the track in front
* Improved font scaling
* Track List. Option not to show info icons (Lyrics / Comments etc)
* New Option pages – rearrangements
* New Option. Turn off the cleartype fonts
* Delayed update of PlayList Items for faster load of large playlists.
* Lyrics downloading (iGoogle) fix
* Some translation changes / removals
* History window size is now remembered
* DoubleClicking on Lyrics Search plays the item.
* Default language selection fixed
* Minimum number of characters for Quick search is 3 now
* Automatic restore on Quick Search “Clear”
* New skins/languages
* Clear button added in Quick Search Edit
* Skin Preview Added
* “Play” button now restarts the playing track
* Fix on delete from database not existing tracks.
* Crossfading / MiniPlayer options updated
* “Update Local Folders” now also updates network shares
* fix minor bug on player pos
* Transfer settings from teen spirit has been added
* Holding Right Click Down and using the mouse wheel the Volume is changing
* Fix on Delayed Playlist track update.
* Add help links in the options / properties
* Application Monitor Transfer Settings
* “Force Cleartype fonts” bug fixed
* Some dialogs beautification
* BugFix. It couldn’t remove a file from database if it didn’t exist in the file system.
* ESC key now works in every window except the main
* Right Alignment for Hits in history
* Some gui glitches fixed
* 3 lines in Collection List
* When playlist is finished player returns to the start of the last track
* Some Message Dialogs have been beautified

0.95h Changes

* Bug fixed in “Various” Tree mode
* Tag update. Now supports it reads also “oga, wv, spx, tta, m4b, m4p, 3g2, aif, wav”
+ New support for “oga, wv, spx, tta, m4b, m4p, 3g2” files
+ Support embedded pictures in mp3
* SetDefault artist/album picture while adding a new one is now working.
* Page Up/down now is working in tree & playlist controls
* Insert Random tracks now, adds new tracks after the selected track
* Quiz: answers can now be controlled by keyboard using (1,2,3,4,5) keys.
* Quiz: ambersand is now correctly displayed
* Quiz: “I don’t know” has been removed
* Quiz: 3 second delay added before the sound
* Quiz: much bigger question buttons
* Some more translation options
* Minor tweak in the search for bio/picture of an artist
* TS does not close by pressing ESC any more
* Ambersand display fixes
* DblClick on a tree item now plays all the associated files
* Style 7 Added. Only Names in tree control (32p height)
* TS does not turn off when you press ESC anymore

0.95g Changes

+ Change the relative font size
Increase: CTRL + +
Reduce: CTRL + –
Reset: CTRL + *
+ New Tree Style added (a bigger one)
+ 2 .ini options added for player. If you are having problems with bad audio quality then try these two
UseSampleFloat=0 (default = 1)
UseFloatDSP=0 (default = 1)
* Bug fix in the rare case (?) when curItem is null in InfoControl
* Bug fix on Special Info Display Settings
* Bug fix in saving GlobalHotkeys
* Rare Bug fix in selecting a node
* English GetLastError Messages
* Bass (audio engine) has been updated to (from
* Autocontinue avoid video files when selecting the next track
* CrashReport does not start manually any more.
* CrashReport can display a personalized message.
– Ogg support for lyrics/rating tagging has been temporary removed for further testing

0.95f Changes

+ Language may be created / updated using a new integrated (sort of) environment
+ Debugging on language files
* New FolderDialog (CommonDialog Based)
* Translated buttons in Options Dialog
* Options are stored when closing the options dialog
* Immediate Crash Reporting with optional user feedback
* More accurate crash detection.
* Fixed some leaked resources
* Fixed a case in Google Lyrics Failure

0.95e Changes

* Logging Changes. TRying to clean all bugs from the next version
* Rating (Tagging) Fix
* Focus capture on tree/playlist control on clicking scrollbar
* Rare bug fix on downloading images
* Better performance on checking for already tried requests
* Bug Fix in Next Shuffle
* A fix on locating local folders
* Safer Collections Update
* More Progress Bars on tagging tracks
* Delete files is working again.(Bug introduced in 0.95d)

0.95d Changes

* Very rare Crash fix in selecting random tracks
* Focus on List controls even on clicks on the scrollbar
* Pause Player On End Session
* Possible crash bug fixed. (DB FixStringField)
* Unlimited loop case on adding random tracks corrected
* Faster adding tracks to the player (No existence check)
* Portability updated. Teen Spirit checks better for travelling mounted tracks while playing

0.95c Changes

+ SHIFT + ARROW KEYS now working on PlayListControl
+ PlayList Pane shows the number of tracks and the total time of the current playlist.
+ New Global HotKey (Toggle Mini Player Visibility)
* Some LastFM related changes to fix a bug.
* Fixed a Media Slider bug for audio/video files larger than 50 minutes
* Extra logging added in some places
* Media Player does not show info when there is an empty playlist
* Bug when reaching more than 10 consequently bad tracks in player
* Bug on closing. Could crash the application
* Global Hotkeys are working again
* Some changes in “Auto” mode Selection between InfoControl/Video-Visualizations
* Installer now closes Teen Spirit Automatically if running

0.95b Changes

* Crash on LastFM scrobbler module when playing external files
* Internal changes in the player objects
* MultiLine tooltips on player controls
* TS now reads the tags when plays a file which is not in database (coming from explorer drop or from an m3u file)
* TS now searches for a “services.user.xml” in the program folder. It may contain extra user services (XC)
* Fixed a bug in selecting the proper audio player (DShow or Bass).
* Some benchmarks have been removed so there will be one more increase in the speed of Collection Add/Update
* TS Internet connection could fail because of some large urls.
* Some more efficiency in logging user messages
* Advanced Search – Rating is working again
* Crash Bug Fixed in the way the player handles invalid files.
* PlayList now marks the invalid files as “grey” (no icon)
* Player Controls (numpad) are disabled when you are inside an edit box
* Some more logging in suspicious functions
* Better startup time (player modules are loaded at first play)


+ Tablature support added
+ Google Lyrics download tablatures / chords also.
+ progress bar added in tagging
+ Online History
+ Submit Game Results
+ Crash Info added
+ “Default Picture” setting added.
+ Jump +/- 5 sec added (see shortcuts)
+ Shortcuts added:
f1: focus on tree.
Enter: Play / Back: Enqueue / Insert: Insert Random / Home: Properties
f2: focus on list.
Enter: Play / Back: Enqueue / Home: Properties
f3: focus on Quick Search
f4: focus on playlist.
Enter: Play / Delete: Delete / Home: Locate track
f5: focus on Info Control (if avalaible)

Global: Num5: Play-Pause / Num0: Stop / Num4: Back 5s / Num6: Forward 5s / Num 8: Previous / Num 2: Next
Add: Vol +5% / Subtract: Vol -5%
+ Native LastFM scrobbling support.
* Add New / Update Collections at twice the speed (optimization)
* Updated Most Dialogs UI
* Database structure updated (comID,lyrID,perID, album infoID, artist infoID removed)
* Save Settings fix
* CPU FREQ by registry
* Collection – Albums mode added
* Personal Tag Write Support Removed (Not in spec)
* Crash Dialog added
* LastFM / Amazon fix for “&”
* Tablatures support added
* “Skins” / “Languages” added in the new start menu
* Crash bug fixed on LastFM Module
* Bug fixed on amazon album picture/review module. It could fail to retrieve info
* Bug fix on saving lasttraks.m3u
* TS search less frequently for already searched (and failed) images
* Fixed a load last playlist issue
* LastFM: Detect no info (add info) page
* LastFM: Download the english page if the localized is not available.
* Proper url encoding of query strings ==> better international results in GoogleLyrics / LastFM / Amazon modules
* Proper html entities replacement
* Crash bug fixed #1
* Media/Downloading animation returned in status bar
* Bug fixed on show all album images.
* When refreshing the tree control expanded state (for the selected item is remembered
* PlayList better delete handling
* Changed “Empty Database” Dialog.
* Added Option Confirmation Dialog
* Added Overload protection for servers who provide Information.
* New Local Image Storage module to avoid name conficts


+ 3 Band Equalizer Added
+ L-R Level Meters Added
+ New Volume / Position Sliders with drag support
+ Tooltips in some player buttons
+ Save Tag function (Advanced Menu Item)
+ Read Tag function (Advanced Menu Item)
+ Get Tags From Filename Dialog (Manually)
+ Get Tags From Filename (Quick menu)
+ Renamer Dialog (Manually)
+ Renamer (Quick menu)
+ New Info Control Display Options
+ New options for folder images plugin
+ Multilanguage option for lastfm plugin
* Options dialog changed
* Now more info is downloaded while playing/selecting tracks and viewing the tree
* Update to newest Bass version
* Randomize list issue fixed.
* Randomize list now randomizes only the selected tracks (if these are more than 1)
* Fixed an issue where crossfade will fail (2 tracks may be playing at the same time)
* Lock Tree Menu Item modified
* In Options -> Tree View -> Item Grouping, the checkbox Enabled was not working.
* Memory info retrieval update
* Changed Intro (Empty DB) Dialog
* Changed Properties dialogs. Also a bit faster.
* Lyrics was not tagged on download
* Year was not changing in Album Properties
* Redownload already existed picture fix
* Does not accept anymore LastFM Image Files less than 4k
* Global Hotkeys moved to a new Tab – separated from Media Player Options
* Options to Enable/Disable retrieving images from the tracks folder (Info Retrieval)
* Delete File(s) window could go under the main window
* Bug Fix in get Image from Directory
* When you change year of an album in multiple files, year do not actually change
* OnEndSession (TEST) has been forgotten. Some crash reports were wrong…
* MiniPlayer / Track List Header updated
* [Unknown] Artists – Albums were allowed in eCommerce
* Simplier “Empty Collection Dialog”